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Part 2

Busy. When I left Randy, I felt so sad, I thought my metal heart would start to rust. I was still poor, but the core fragments I had found in the mine allowed me to buy some useful stuff to bring back to him. As I had promised, I started to build a nice house for him, that would remind him of his lost Earth. I even found a plush in a Hylotl sunken city to decorate the living room, and asphalt certified "made by humans". Proud.
It took me so long to be able to remove the crates without Randy bursting into tears ! But in the end it worked, and I could put them in the mine entrance. However, Randy still preferred to sleep in my woody shelter. Honestly, that made me quite upset, so I decided to remove all the furniture, and turn the place in a utility storage. After all, it was going to be his home planet, not mine.

As you can see on the picture, Randy still likes to spend time in the storage room

I also added a first class pair of antennas, so that his radio could find human broadcasts across the galaxy, and in the end, I added a brand new teleporter for him to be able to travel. I don't think he's used it at all, actually, but at least I can bring him some food this way.

Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to cheer him up... and I was so broke again. Sad. That's why I moved on to the second part of the plan...

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