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Part 3

Concerned. It's Charmoak again. I've been staying with Randy a lot, since I've built a comfy home for him. I haven't told him yet, but I've posted an ad on the outpost wall entitled "Free land ready to build", so that he gains a nice neighbour. There hasn't been any answer as for now, so maybe my ad is lacking colors to catch the eye...

Anyway, there's something I have to tell. While we were having dinner Randy and I the other day, I absentmindedly played with the coffee bag while chatting. As the label went half sticky on my hands, I suddenly noticed that the brand name of the coffee was "Reh' Industries". I immediately said, "Hey that sounds like the beginning of Rehaneh's name" (in case you've forgotten, Rehaneh is the floran that owns the lunar base where I lived, and who abandoned me on Randy's planet in the first place). I was totally astonished when Randy replied, "Yeah of course, it's that floran that terraforms vulnerable planets to plant stuff everywhere and sell it". I couldn't believe it! But in a way that made sense, it's so expensive to build a moon base, that you'd have to be very rich to conduct that.
"Is there a picture of the brand owner somewhere? I have to check if it's the same person", I asked Randy.
"Of course, let's look that up upstairs on my computer".
We made a quick search, and there she was everywhere on the results, Rehaneh. It turned up she was the head of a huge agricultural firm, that sold tons of goods accross the universe. Her specialty was to detect harmless lush planets, buy everything there, change the living conditions so that she pushed native inhabitants to leave, and then cultivate every single inch on the surface. How evil!

We even managed to get a picture of one of the planets (you'll notice the armed people to guard the fields, how terrible!).

The whole planet cultivated
As you can see in the detailed picture, the whole 3000 sectors are cultivated. Poor planet!

I exclaimed, "We have to do something! I don't know what, but there surely is something we can do against those exploited planets. Think of the people kicked out, of the destroyed nature!".
Randy raised an eyebrow, doubtful. "You really think you can compete against that?".
"I don't know, but well, I'd like to try".
"Are you sure it's not personal revenge?", he said.
"Maybe, but I don't really care".

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